The Scarlet Scourge

eu ravencrest guild

in World of Warcraft


Create a character named Abomination

We use special characters (accents/umlauts) for our names. The special letters you could use for your character name, as far as we know, are:

[A = Á, À, Â, Ä, Å, Ã]
[ I = Í, Ì, Î, Ï]
[N = Ñ]
[O = Ó, Ò, Ô, Ö, Õ, Ø]

Choose them at your own leisure. Example: Âbômínatîôñ


Apply via the ingame guild finder


Join the Discord

After successfuly getting invited to the guild, return to our discord and use our ticket system to get a role


Setup your identity

Fill your guild note with your [nickname].

We also use our addon called abomiNATION to identify ourselves. This displays Guild Notes as a tooltip on target or mouseover. The addon also includes Identity 2 which adds your name in front of your chat messages. Can be enabled for guild, party and raid chat messages.